Final Line Automated TPMS Process

Automatic Assembly Line TPM Test SystemBartec Auto ID have a range of TPMS Test Antennas and Tools designed for different stages of the vehicle assembly line. These are designed to read the TPMS sensors to test them, associate them with their position on the vehicle and download their data. They are deployed on the final line and at possible rework stages.

The equipment includes a range of static antennas that can be mounted adjacent to the line to read TPMS wheels as the vehicle moves down the production line. These antennas are designed to activate 100% of all Tyre Pressure sensors which pass in front of them. This is a highly scientific process.

The LF (low frequency) field which emanates from the antenna is designed to give 100% coverage of the antenna at the right activation power level for the sensor. Bartec Auto ID plot the LF field for each antenna before shipping from our factory and supply the printed 'plot' to the customer as part of the quality assurance process.

The activation uses our patented multi coil activation technology to eliminate LF nulls in the field as otherwise it is possible for TPMS sensors to pass through the antenna field without activation. This reduces potential rework significantly.

Production Line Layout for TPMS Test Antennas

Plant systems include

  • Test and record, for traceability, all information for each TPMS wheel and tyre fitted to a vehicle
  • Test for TPMS pressure upper and lower limits (preset in the system to fail if out of bounds)
  • Test for TPMS temperature upper and lower limits (preset in the system to fail if out of bounds)
  • Test TPMS battery status
  • Test TPMS accelerometer
  • Ensuring certainty that all wheels fitted to a TPMS vehicle, are fully assured before shipment out of the plant
  • Automated option for large volumes of TPMS fitted vehicle wheels without impact on production cycle time
  • Manual option for small volumes or run up volumes of TPMS wheels
  • Multiple Tyre Pressure Sensor types can be handled by a single system
  • High technological design ensures fast, aggressive first time read rate not affecting cycle time
  • Adjacent systems can be installed close together, without interference or cross talk saving installation space
  • Test, record and establish full traceability for all TPMS fitted vehicles
  • Minimal space requirements and flexible to fit into most places on the production line
  • Fully automated without manual intervention required
  • Automatic reading of vehicle ID to know if fitted with TPMS or not
  • Error proofing testing (TPMS not fitted to TPMS vehicle or TPMS fitted to NON-TPMS vehicle)
  • Direct plant communications to supply TPMS data directly to follow on plant systems as required


Bartec Auto ID's latest IAS (Integrated Antenna System) range of line side antennas provide the most effective solution for medium to high volume production line manufacturing systems.

The IAS provides access to multiple TPMS types and decoder requirements, fast aggressive and accurate reading, optimisation for many variables (frequency, modulation, protocol, power level, LF and RF interference etc) resulting in a very efficient solution.

The UHF transmitted by the sensor may be 315MHz, 433MHz or 309MHz and there are other variants. The Bartec Auto ID antennas house an array of different frequency receivers to collect these UHF transmissions.

The receivers are positioned to differentiate the signals coming from the wheel in front of the antenna and those being transmitted from other wheels on the car or indeed from other cars in the plant. Again this patented Bartec Auto ID technology ensures that read rate is kept to the maximum possible level and rework to a minimum.

In some countries a further production line process is required to put the TPMS sensors to sleep so that they do not transmit during storage and shipping thereby contravening local radio legislation. This normally involves the transmission of a further LF telegram (datagram).

Typical PC Data Capture and diagnostic software supplied for Automated Test System

Typical small height cabinet containing TPMS PC and ProcessorTypical Process

  • Wheels and Tyres delivered to line assembled with Tyre Pressure Sensor fitted
  • Wheels fitted to vehicle on production line (at some locations the TPMS wheels are fitted direct to the chassis before the body is added)
  • Wheels read by TPMS antenna system to reference TPMS sensor IDs to their position on the vehicle and download to plant systems (note that in some sites the spare wheel TPMS sensor is read automatically or manually)
  • Rework of any cars where the Tyre Pressure Sensors are not read or the ECU is not programmed
  • Rolls test functionality to test the full Tyre Pressure Monitoring System operation on vehicle
  • Vehicle leaves production with TPMS fitted and tested

Previous Supply

Bartec Auto ID has supplied final line systems to Ford, GM, Subaru, Chrysler, Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Isuzu, Holden, BMW Motorcycles, Hyundai, Kia, GM Daewoo, and many other OEM's. In total over 80 final line systems have been installed making the company the worldwide market leader.

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