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About Bartec Auto ID

Bartec Auto ID Limited was formed in 1992 and is a family owned group of companies specialising in TPMS and tyre shop tools and software. Offices are located in the UK, where the tools and software are designed and manufactured. Our offices in the UK, Germany & US include a team of eighty dedicated staff offering professional TPMS training, product information and dedicated customer support in several European languages. The company is ISO9001 and ISO27001 approved.

History & The Future

In 1998 Bartec installed the first ever TPMS car plant system at Renault and today have 105 plant installations worldwide. These TPMS antenna systems diagnose faults at wheel and tyre assembly and program vehicle ECUs on the final production line within major car manufacturing plants. With a market share of over 80% of plants in Europe and North America, Bartec is able to provide the most up-to-date coverage of vehicles, sensors and repair processes on their aftermarket tools. We have a continuous research and development cycle investing in next generation technologies.

Over 100,000 TPMS Tools Supplied

This means that our customers are the first to be able to repair new models in this fast moving market. Market leader In North America, where TPMS was legislated in 2005, Bartec has vast experience having supplied over 100,000 tools to aftermarket customers including tyre shops, repair shops and OE customers.

Latest Software Updates

The tools are also able to receive software and coverage updates over WiFi again leading to the repair of the latest vehicles. Customers can potentially have considerable investment in TPMS sensor stock, so the major sensor manufacturers have developed universal sensors which replace OE sensors and with which Bartec tools are compatible.

Working In Partnership

The TECH500SDE works with: EZ-sensor® (Schrader), IntelliSens™ (Huf), sens-it® (Alligator), Redi-sensor™ (VDO), Uni-Sensor® (Cub) and all OE sensors. The new TAP100 tool extends the Bartec range of tools into tread and pressure reading and enables the tyre technician to capture all tyre data in under one minute and transfer it via Bluetooth to the Bartec Service Centre Cloud based package and into their back office systems. Full European support Bartec Auto ID GmbH has offices in Wolfersheim, Oberhessen in Germany, which provides support and training for the European market.

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Introducing Service Centre From Bartec Auto ID

Cloud-based work management, customer engagement and performance reporting tools that save you time, increase sales and build customer satisfaction

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Bartec Auto ID - Service Centre

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TPMS Desktop is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to update all your Bartec tools, also includes other added benefits

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Premier Tyre and Repair Shop Electronic Tools

Fast integrated tyre shop diagnostics and repair a range of products designed to meet the complete scope of requirements for diagnosing problems

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Premier Tyre and Repair Shop Electronic Tools

Professional TPMS Tools with Connectivity

Audit data and software updates via WiFi using premier industrial leading Tire Pressure Monitoring System tools with ongoing support and expertise

View Our Complete Range Of TPMS Tools
Professional TPMS Tools with Connectivity

Premier Brake, Oil and Battery Tool

Bartec Auto ID presents the first EOBD tool designed to service Brakes, Oil, and Smart Battery Management via a number of standard and manufacturer protocols

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Premier Brake, Oil and Battery Tool

Tread Depth and Pressure Tools

The first integrated hand held Tread Depth and Pressure tool with colour display, easy-to-use colour coded graphics with Bluetooth communications to back office systems

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Tread Depth and Pressure Tools

Superior Features

The TECH500 is the Premier TPMS Tool! Based on the successful TECH400 range of tools, the TECH500 takes the TPMS repair process to the next level!

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Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Bartec Auto ID is long known for an independent view of TPMS replacement sensors. Our tools work with the vast majority of OE and aftermarket sensors. There are over 150 OE sensor types and an increasing number of aftermarket programmable types and variants available today, affording the end user many options. On this website we present the different approaches of the sensor suppliers and set out clearly which of our tools will work with which sensors.

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July 2019 - Software Update R59.1 is now available!

For the new release of the Software version R59.1 we have additional coverage and some software improvements.

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