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Bartec subsidiaries Protea Limited and Revive Automotive Solutions Limited provide emissions testing tools and products designed to improve the performance of vehicles and reduce emissions. Bartec has a growing range of tools designed to assess the performance of the emissions system and rectify issues.

Protea LtdProtea

Protea delivers sophisticated FTIR emissions test tools and systems for process, emission and environmental monitoring needs. The company has an in depth knowledge of measurement technologies, systems integration and turn-key system engineering and software optimisation.


Protea Product Range

Protea’s range of gas analysers represents the highest levels of performance and accuracy in industrial and research gas measurements. Protea’s in-house expertise on spectroscopic analysis methods enables it to offer gas analysers to measure just almost any gas in any background.

Protea System Solutions

Protea's core analysers can be built into a complete measurement system with the correct choice of panel integration and sampling system components. Ensuring the measured sample is passed to the analyser at the correct flow, temperature and pressure and suitable sampling control is employed in case of equipment failure, will ensure that analyser uptime and performance is maintained.

Applications by Industry

Protea has carried out hundreds of application-focussed projects for various process and emission measurements. Applying the right technology with the highest level of service and support has enabled our customers to investigate and improve their processes.


With 20 years experience of FTIR in process and emissions measurements; Protea is a world leader in getting the most from this powerful technology. With complimentary measurement technology and measurement automation, Protea can design and supply the complete solution. This section gives a brief introduction to the various technologies that Protea uses.


Spectral collection and chemometric analysis Analytics has been developed in-house to enable FTIR analysers to be deployed in many applications. Our Analytics suite comprises packages suited to laboratory spectral analysis (PAS) as well as process-specific packages (PAS-Pro) designed for real-time continuous plant monitoring. Data output and results handling can all be provided using industry standard protocols allowing integration with your existing systems and procedures.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) tool [TECH100]

The DPF package allows the user to read and clear fault codes relating to the DPF system and to perform dynamic and static or ‘forced’ regeneration of the particulate filter, replacement adaption and additive resets where applicable.

With the EU legislations regarding Euro 5 & Euro 6 emission rulings along with the new VOSA laws against DPF removal, this promises to be an invaluable aid.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recycling) and Solenoid Valve Tester

The new Bartec EGR and Solenoid Valve Tester helps the technician test the integrity of EGR valves and other 12v solenoids, such as vacuum solenoids, boost pressure control valves and actuators, petrol injectors, carbon canisters and even relays. Due to the tool’s variable frequency, EGR valves can either be cycled to ensure correct operation or to clean it during its cyclic mode. In high frequency mode, the valve can be opened progressively, allowing more efficient manual cleaning.

Although EGR valves can be activated in situ, Bartec recommends the removal of the EGR before testing to visually confirm full and correct operation, with the added benefit of full access for thorough cleaning.

Diesel Particulate FiltersMOT Testing Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)

Our campaign for accurate MOT testing to identify removal, tampering, or leakage of diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

Read more on MOT Testing Diesel Particulate Filters

Bartec’s involvement in the automotive industry has evolved massively over the last 25 years and, as experts in this field, we strive to maintain an interest in what is happening within the sector and beyond.

This now includes the serious environmental and public health issues surrounding deliberately removed, or failing DPFs, which are not being allowed to do the job that they were originally intended to do.

This is a public health crisis which is relevant to every one of us and much of it is avoidable - it affects the air that we breathe, the pollution in our towns and cities and even the unsuspecting buyer of a second hand diesel car, who needs reassurance that their vehicle is fully compliant.

Official data shows that invisible air pollution is responsible for up to 40,000 deaths per year in the UK. However, 29,000 deaths alone can be attributed to human-made particulate matter air pollution1;2. Much of this air pollution is unnecessary; the problem is believed to be costing the NHS and businesses more than £20 billion per annum.

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