Detection of TPMS Orientation (ORIENT)

Tyre Line Orientation Antenna Activation Areas

It is advisable to locate the position of a TPMS in the wheel before the tyre is fitted to ensure the sensor is not damaged during the mounting process. Damage occurs if the tyre bead contacts the sensor as it is being stretched over the wheel rim. If this option is required then Bartec Auto ID have a special ORIENT antenna.

This antenna is designed to activate the TPMS in only a specific 'pie section' of the overall wheel diameter. The testing function of the TPMS, once activated in the correct section, is the same as for theĀ DETECT systems. All data can be logged and an audit created.

If the Tyre Pressure sensor is not within the defined area then the unit test will fail alerting the plant systems so that the Tyre Pressure sensor can be protected from damage at subsequent stations – usually by either repositioning (line stop) or by being taken off the line.

This can be done by a live OBD connection from the TPMS PC via a carrier to an OBD over the vehicle line or by a TPMS hand tool with OBD connectivity and programme function.


Bartec Auto ID are able to control the field of these types of antenna such that the desired "pie section" is achieved.

These are very advanced systems and rely on our understanding of the TPMS characteristics to provide a solution to very challenging requirements. As with the DETECT systems, these use the IAS antenna providing the best reading solution and the best future proofing options.

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