TPMS Desktop

TPMS Desktop

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TPMS Desktop is free PC software that is the easiest way to update and manage the entire range of Bartec tools, including the TECH500, TECH300, TAP100, TAP200 and TPMS PAD. This unique software can receive and store your tool data, and produce easy to read reports that effectively communicate the need for your customers to spend money with you. It also serves as a reference source for technical information about the TPMS sensors, and the relearn procedures required to repair vehicles as quickly and reliably as possible. With industry leading coverage and accuracy, you can’t buy this elsewhere – and it’s free from Bartec.

Features of the Desktop TPMS include

  • Reports - Complete job reports recorded and stored for when you need them
  • Update - Automatically retrieve update files from your current registered account
  • Vehicle list – Efficiently manage multiple vehicles through the diagnostic and repair process such as TPMS information for a vehicle quickly and easily
  • Settings - Configure your settings for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi configuration
  • TPMS PAD - Launches the software to run your TPMS PAD

Software & Coverage UpdatesSoftware & Coverage Updates

“TPMS Desktop is the easiest way to update all of your Bartec tools without logging in to the tool registration website. TPMS Desktop is required to update the TAP100, TAP200 and the TPMS PAD, and is the best way to update the TECH300, TECH400 and TECH500.

Simply put your tool into update mode from its menus, connect your tool using a USB cable, and then click on the Updates tab.

In the Connected Tools section at the bottom of the page you will see your tool, and there are three options:

TPMS Desktop Connected Tools
  • Update - this will only be available to click if a later version is available to install
  • Recover Software - this will reinstall the current version, if you think that you have any problems with your tool
  • Register - you need to register your tool once in order to use the updates service

Click on Update, the software will be automatically downloaded to your tool, and it will be ready to use.

Register and update your Bartec Tool with the latest software and coverage today! TPMS Desktop is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to update your tool. Simply connect your tool to a PC with TPMS Desktop, click Update and you’re done!

TPMS ReportsReports

Search, view and print job reports! This preformatted and detailed record contains the necessary job information that you and your customers need! Sort or filter reports by date, make, model and year. Simply print a report and attach it to the invoice as proof of work completed. Use reports to create customer receipts and limit liability.

Manage vehicles and tools with ease! Quickly identify and locate tyre pressure problems, track repairs and manage all of your vehicles with TPMS Desktop!

As well as supporting tyre data reports for the TAP100 and TAP200, TPMS Desktop now allows you to join TPMS records from your Bartec TECH tool, with the tyre records from your TAP tool, and to produce a combined report to store and show to your customers.

NEW: Garage/Tyre shop display screen functionality enables the technician to show the customer their vehicle readings on a TV or monitor in the garage or waiting room. Gives the customer more confidence and sells more tyres!

TV Monitor ReportCustomer Report for Reference TPMS Reports

Vehicle ListVehicle List

Browse our extensive vehicle and sensor database! Search by make, model and year to quickly find the data you need: OBD location, TPMS relearn, sensor information – it’s all there with TPMS Desktop! Plus, the database is regularly updated.

System Settings

Configure the TPMS Desktop Application to meet your tyre shop’s needs. Do you want to connect with Bluetooth? No problem! Connectivity is just a few clicks away with TPMS Desktop.


Program sensors using the dedicated, easy to use TPMS PAD. Simply connect your TPMS PAD to your PC using a USB cable to program and test sensors with ease! Copy and create a universal sensor with Copy Sensor and Create Sensor – features only available with TPMS Desktop!

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