Testing of TPMS Assembly into Wheel (DETECT)

The most common method of testing TPMS fitted wheel and tyre assemblies is to use an automated TPMS Test system on the assembly line after the TPMS has been fitted to the wheel. This process will test for any TPMS that is fitted over the entyre area of the wheel face (as shown on the right in the image).

Tyre Line Detection Antenna Activation Areas

The Typical Process Is:

  • Tyre Pressure Sensor fitted to wheel rim
  • Tyre fitted to wheel
  • Tyre brought up to pressure
  • Wheel passed under the Bartec Auto ID TPMS Test antenna and stopped for approx 6 seconds
  • LF transmitted across the face of the wheel to 'wake up'; the sensor
  • TPMS transmits its data at UHF (315 or 433MHz)
  • Bartec Auto ID equipment receives and decodes the data, which can be optionally sent to a host computer for long term storage
  • Pass or Fail then releases the wheel to either the next process or to rework respectively

This process tests that the TPMS is still operational and (depending on where the test is performed relative to the other line operations) it is possible to check the pressure is within set limits.

All data can be stored indefinitely for future traceability of every wheel through the test system giving confidence that all assemblies are 100% functional.

TPMS Reading Process with hand toolTechnology Deployed

Bartec Auto ID use very technically advanced software and electronics in each antenna and controller to achieve the most reliable and aggressive reading process.

Our latest antenna, IAS (Integrated Antenna System) has multiple receivers, software downloadable TPMS types, easy setup and configuration and supports all current known TPMS types.

The Bartec Auto ID equipment is well placed to support any future models of TPMS variant also. Every antenna is tested and mapped at our facility to ensure that a consistent LF field is presented each and every time ensuring a high quality read rate.

Antenna Testing

  • All antennas tested for LF activation
  • Automated field plotter used on each antenna build
  • Graphical representation of field available for each antenna shipped to site

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