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Bartec Auto ID presents the TECH100. The first EOBD tool designed to service Brakes, Oil, and Smart Battery Calibration via a number of standard and manufacturer discretionary communications pins and protocols

Installed Software Packages

  • Battery Validation
  • Electronic Park Brake (EPB)
  • Service Light Reset (SLR)
  • DPF Regeneration & Reset
  • EODB/ODB11 Coverage

TECH100 Overview

  • Multi-Make Diagnostics and Service Tool
  • Install only software and application you require
  • Easy to use needing only 6 buttons
  • USB Updateable
  • High Contrast OLED Graphics Display

Battery Calibration

As modern technology evolves, more and more Vehicle Manufacturers are adopting ‘Start/Stop’ with smart charging and battery management. The Battery Control Module on these models manages the degradation of the battery and charges it accordingly. When the battery’s duty cycle drops below an unacceptable threshold, the battery management module will register a diagnostic fault code and would suggest diagnosis of the charging system or replacement of the battery. When a replacement battery is required, the battery management module requires a diagnostic ‘validation’ which the iMAT Tool can perform. Although these systems are more commonly used on Start/Stop models, battery validation requirement was necessary on Audi models as early as 2004. The Battery Validation Package Tool offers a cost effective solution to the ever increasing requirement to diagnostically validate replacement batteries.

Q: "What happens if I physically replace the battery but do not diagnostically validate it?"

A: It will continue to manage the ‘New’ battery in an assumed degraded state, causing overcharging, stop/start issues and highly probable premature failure!

The Battery Validation software is very quick and simple to use, with only 6 functional buttons, you can easily navigate through the menu structures to validate a replacement battery in as little as 60 seconds. Whether you are replacing the battery ‘like for like’ or you are changing the technology of the replacement from AGM to ECM, the tool has the capability.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

The DPF package allows the user to read and clear fault codes relating to the DPF system and to perform dynamic and static or ‘forced’ regeneration of the particulate filter, replacement adaption and additive resets where applicable.

With the EU legislations regarding Euro 5 & Euro 6 emission rulings along with the new VOSA laws against DPF removal, this will be an invaluable package to add to your iMAT tool.

Electronic Park Brake (EPB)

Although Electronic Parking Brakes are convenient for the vehicle owner/driver, they can present an ill-equipped workshop with a problem when replacing the rear brake pads on models fitted with EPB.

Modern electronic callipers need to be diagnostically ‘opened’ which relaxes the handbrake mechanism, allowing the technician to replace the brake pads without damaging the very expensive electronic calliper.

Functionality offers: Read & Clear Codes, live data, service modes, calibration where applicable.

Service Light Reset (SLR)

With so many vehicle fleet companies refusing to pay invoices to workshop’s who do not reset the service light when servicing one of their vehicles, diagnostic or manual resets are extremely important, not only for fleet companies but for the vehicle owner and technician alike to demonstrate┬áthat a high quality service has taken place. Warning lights on instrument clusters can mean many things, from oil change required to worn out brake pads.

The ‘SLR’ package offers the customer diagnostic functions for service light reset, oil degradation, and Conditional Based Servicing, Long-Life and Time & Distance intervals. Many service lights can be extinguished through a manual procedure without diagnostic equipment, this software package again adds great value to our tool.



  • ISO
  • CAN
  • FT-CAN (Fault Tolerant)
  • J1850
  • LIN

Display / Input

  • Simple LED indication of function
  • Easy 6 Button Control

Kit Contents

  • Tool
  • OBD cable
  • USB cable
  • user manual
  • tool case

TECH100 Support

TECH100 Data Sheet TECH100 User Guide Register Your Tool

Technical Specification

  • Advanced Service and Diagnostic Functions
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Coverage
  • Diagnostic and Manual Oil Reset Procedures
  • All makes of vehicle battery supported for resets
  • Comprehensive Function Instructions Built In
  • Simple USB Update Process
  • High Contrast OLED Display
  • Keypad resistant to oils and water
  • J1850, CAN, ISO protocols
  • Multiplexed vehicle interface for non-standard manufacturer specific protocols
  • Regular updates

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The TECH100 is the Premier diganostic tool! The TECH100 takes the brake, oil and battery managment process to the next level!

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The TECH100 is Bartec Auto ID's premier diagnostic tool

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