TPMS Vehicle Rework Station

In most plants where an on-line system has been installed, rework systems are also usually provided. These allow any faulty TPMs or problematic vehicles to be taken off the line and reworked in a static station and then the data collected and programmed to the vehicle (if required).

These stations can be networked to the on-line systems and any vehicle reporting TPMS problems whilst still on the production line (e.g. faulty Tyre Pressure Sensor, no sensor fitted etc) then the vehicle information can be passed ahead of the vehicle to a networked printer detailing the problem and informing the Rework operative that a vehicle is due for rework.

TPMS Vehicle Rework Station

Additionally, any vehicles that have had TPMS fitted when not specified can also be processed in the same way. This requires that the TPMS reading systems that are on the line (usually automated) are setup to read all vehicles, both TPMS fitted and NON-TPMS fitted to establish correct TPMS build for all vehicles.

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