Programming the ECU on the Final Line

Typical Automated TPM Reading with Manual OBD Programming

It is also possible to programme the vehicle directly with the TPMS data on the production line using Bartec Auto ID tools.

This can be done by a live OBD connection from the TPMS PC via a carrier to an OBD over the vehicle line or by a TPMS hand tool with OBD connectivity and programme function.

Typical on-line process (Data from Automated TPMS System)

  • Data is collected from line side antennas and stored on TPMS PC
  • TPMS Vehicle enters ECU programming station on the line
  • TPMS alerts operator by flashing beacon or audio alarm
  • Operator takes OBD cable from above the line and connects to the vehicle ODB port
  • Vehicle ID is checked and TPMS data programmed into the vehicle
  • GREEN beacon shows after approximately 5 seconds to show the operator that the vehicle is programmed
  • Operator removes OBD from vehicle

Portable TPM Reading Tools with OBD functionalityTypical on-line process (Data from Portable Tool)

  • Data is collected from the vehicle by the portable TPMS reading tool
  • TPMS Tool displays 'Connect OBD to Vehicle'
  • Operator connects tool as described
  • TPMS Tool checks Vehicle ID against data and programmes vehicle if matching
  • TPMS Tool displays 'DATA OK – remove OBD' after approximately 5 seconds
  • Operator removes OBD cable and leaves the vehicle
  • Optional download to data to plant systems is required

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