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May 2017 - Bartec goes ‘all out’ to inform at Automechanika Birmingham 2017

Bartec Auto ID Limited (Bartec) is delighted to announce it will be hosting a fun and informative interactive workshop during its second visit to Automechanika Birmingham, allowing visitors to understand TPMS at a time when record MOT failures attributable to TPMS are in the news.

During the three-day international show, technicians and fast-fitters will be offered the chance to try the TPMS experts’ comprehensive and global market-leading tyre pressure monitoring system tools first-hand, learning how to diagnose and fix faults in the process.

One tool, in particular, which is sure to catch the eye of visitors is theall-in-one TECH500. It is the only TPMS scanning tool in the world that boasts a combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, inductive charging and keyless ignition testing.

Impressively, it can detect and diagnose sensor faults – possibly due to a failed battery, mechanical damage or even corrosion – and, notably, can recognise whether that particular vehicle’s ECU or TPMS receivers are at fault.

Additionally, enthusiastic visitors will be allowed the opportunity to be taught how to relearn a vehicle ECU with a replacement part number and use an electronic tread depth gauge to measure tread on a worn tyre and view results.

Managing Director, Colin Webb, will also deliver a presentation entitled ‘Six Steps to Success’ – where he will identify what is needed to carry out TPMS repairs, how to select appropriate equipment, parts, training and support, as well as illustrate how TPMS can increase profitability.

Colin and his experienced team will be ready to extend a warm, friendly welcome and provide visitors with an interactive education, ensuring they leave the NEC with a greater understanding of TPMS, imperative as EU rules on TPMS come into greater focus in 2017.

As of November 2014, it has been mandatory for vehicle manufacturers to install TPMS on all their new passenger vehicles. TPMS is now part of the annual MOT test; therefore, all new cars manufactured in 2014 will be due their first test this year, meaning Bartec’s interactive workshop and presence at Automechanika Birmingham couldn’t arrive at a better time.

Colin said: “With TPMS failure rates involving 23,000 vehicles in 2016 MOT tests the time is here for the trade to look after their customers. We aim to provide the necessary training and information to help them deliver and make money doing it.’

April 2017 - Bartec’s TPMS Desktop software program receives makeover – but remains free!

Bartec Auto ID Limited (Bartec) has upgraded its industry-leading PC software program, TPMS Desktop, but it remains free-of-charge to its 11,000 tyre and repair shop users.

The global market leader in tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) has released a significant update to its program of referencing processes and technical information data, including new coverage of 2017 make-model-years of cars, TPMS sensors and vehicle relearn processes.

TPMS Desktop will now communicate with the entire range of Bartec TPMS tools, including the TECH300, TECH500 and TPMS Pad, for the download of vehicle TPMS diagnostic data and storage of the audit data for further analysis.

Additionally, TPMS Desktop has the capability to update the software and coverage data on every Bartec tool – a process which occurs regularly to ensure tools are up-to-date and can repair the latest vehicles.

New product

The latest software update enables the database to communicate with Bartec’s recently-released and MOT-approved TAP100 tread depth reader.

User-friendly and first-of-its-kind, the handheld tool can capture tread depths and tyre pressures quickly and accurately, as well as tyre defects, all of which are then uploaded to TPMS Desktop.

A ‘traffic light’ system illustrates wear profile, tread depth and pressure, alongside the TPMS data, which guides the customer to a decision on whether a tyre or sensor replacement or alignment service is required.

TPMS Desktop can be downloaded, free-of-charge here:

February 2017 - New Bartec tread depth tool ‘perfect for fleet inspections’

Bartec Auto ID Limited (Bartec) has unveiled the TAP200 tread and pressure reader, designed to help the modern fleet owner manage their tyres efficiently.

The latest tool released by the Barnsley-based manufacturer has been expertly designed to allow the fast and accurate collection of tyre wear and pressure data on fleet vehicles.

The electronic tool measures irregular tread wear, tread depths, tyre pressures and records tyre, valve and wheel damage for review. Mismatched tyres are also identified.

Crucially, management reports can demonstrate and highlight how specific cost savings can be achieved. As operators need to manage their tyres and costs effectively, the TAP200 is the perfect tool for them.

The tool probe is used to measure the tread depth of each tyre, while a helpful integral lamp illuminates the tread, meaning users can inspect tyre condition throughout the process with ease.

The TAP200 features a crisp colour display, which indicates the tread wear pattern and highlights tyres inside their ‘warning zone’ – either from poor wear pattern or low available tread. In addition, the tool also captures the air pressure, enabling incorrect inflation or slow leaks to be identified.

The automated data collected means the customer can profit in many ways; for example, reduced tyre wear results in lower operating costs. Moreover, customers can benefit from lower fuel costs, thanks to reduced rolling resistance.

Additionally, tyre life should be maximised, the number of tyre failures and breakdowns should reduce thereby avoiding road calls with the associated impacts.

January 2017 - Bartec announces two key appointments to company Board

Bartec Auto ID Limited (Bartec) has welcomed two new members to the company’s Board.

Matt Woods and Philip Wilson, both of whom hold a wealth of experience and knowledge in their respective fields, have been appointed with immediate effect and will prove excellent additions to the board of the global market leader of tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

Matt, Operations Director, joined Bartec in 2013 to take up the role of General Manager, tasked with the design and build of the company’s refurbished head office in Barnsley, following an impressive career-to-date.

While a carpenter by trade, he discovered his niche while project managing various large construction and shopfitting companies throughout Europe. Working on multi-million pound projects, Matt exhibited a flair for management and, more recently, implemented those skills by managing his own successful construction company.

Meanwhile, Philip, Financial Director, was appointed to the team in 2015. Boasting an impressive financial pedigree, he holds two of the premier business qualifications in the world and over 10 years’ experience in advising business owners and managers.

While bringing undeniable qualities to Bartec, he possesses a wealth of commercial and operational expertise, along with an eye for detail.

Philip said: “I’m delighted to be joining a responsive and progressive board with real ambition to grow Bartec. The company has always, outwardly, been very proud of the quality of its offerings and customer service, but, internally, the ethos of quality and co-operation rings true as well.

“We have a great team here.”

Managing Director, Colin Webb, revealed he was “absolutely delighted” to welcome both Matt and Philip on-board.


December 2016 - Bartec TECH100: The perfect diagnostic and service tool to ensure workshop profit

Bartec Auto ID Limited (Bartec) is proud to launch the TECH100, the first-of-its-kind specialist battery, oil and brake diagnostic and service tool, once again demonstrating its aptitude in providing innovative revenue opportunities for workshops.

The TECH100 boasts proven technology, as implemented in original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) tools, to place battery validation, electronic park brake (EPB), oil service light reset and diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration and reset re-learn processes at technicians’ fingertips.

An easy-to-use and high-visibility interface allows users to carry out many functions, all with a common menu system, meaning users will need minimal training to utilise it fully. Additionally, on-screen prompts provide a step-by-step guide through the processes, giving them reassurance that work has been completed correctly.

DPFs are rarely out of the headlines; ensuring a problem has been diagnosed accurately and any reset completed after a DPF replacement has been carried out is crucial. The TECH100 comes to the aid of technicians by making regeneration, sensor resets and code clearing a straightforward process – completed in just a few seconds.

The emergence of EPBs represent a fresh challenge at workshop level. Health and safety issues surrounding safe working practices, as well as new processes and equipment to service EPB systems, means there is an ever-increasing need to have diagnostic equipment to carry out a simple task, such as brake pad replacement – meaning the TECH100 is the perfect tool to meet demands.

Battery technology continues to evolve to cope with ever-increasing demands from vehicle systems in terms of power consumption. As a result, technicians will find replacing AGM batteries more challenging than traditional applications, meaning problems can arise; for example, complex battery management systems control functions, like stop-start, and if a replacement battery is not configured correctly, the driver can experience issues.

The TECH100, however, quickly guides the user through the necessary reset and configuration procedures in a few seconds, giving the workshop an opportunity to charge accordingly for additional, essential work required to carry out a complete battery replacement.

Some vehicles will only allow a diagnostic reset of the oil quality indicator, which is often a separate light on the instrument panel to the normal service indicator lamp. In situations like this, the TECH100 can carry out this task quickly and simply, ensuring the vehicle is returned to the owner confident that the right work has been completed to an OE level.

Fast fit and general workshops alike should seize the initiative and make the all-encompassing TECH100 a crucial part of their diagnostic equipment.

November 2016 - British Manufacturer Bartec Auto ID Limited Hoping To Shine At MECHANEX: Sandown Park

November 2016 - British Manufacturer Bartec Auto ID Limited Hoping To Shine At MECHANEX: Sandown Park

Held between the 8th and 9th November, the British manufacturer will be displaying its award-winning tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) tools on stand F22, which will be donned in its eye-catching logo and sharp red livery.

Knowledgeable and experienced members of Bartec’s sales and marketing team will be on-hand during the two-day exhibition near Surrey. The team will be extending a warm welcome to visitors and will be encouraging attendees to get hands-on with the diverse tools available.

The TECH500, for example, can be put into action. It is the only TPMS scan tool in the world that boasts impressive features, like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, inductive charging and keyless ignition testing.

Bartec’s experts will also be keen to illustrate the attributes of the recently-released and first-of-its-kind TAP100. The handheld tread depth and pressure tool has already proved its credentials having been formally approved for MOT by the Garage Equipment Association for the DVSA.

The TAP100 can capture the tread depth and pressure, along with tyre condition and tread wear profile for all wheels on a vehicle in one minute. The data is then transferred via Bluetooth to the user’s PC or tablet, with a report quickly generated, illustrating any required repairs and parts.

Managing Director, Colin Webb, said Bartec, with a market share of 80% of car plant installations in Europe and North America, is excited to demonstrate its professional service and premium quality tools to a large and important audience.

He said: “Bartec is delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s MECHANEX: Sandown Park. I am optimistic that technicians will be interested in trying our tools and be impressed with our offering, as well as being enticed by the profit opportunities attached to a TPMS service.”

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New TPMS Software Update Ahead Of Winter Tyre Season

New TPMS Software Update Ahead Of Winter Tyre Season

Tyre technicians can prepare their TPMS tools ahead of Winter tyre season thanks to Bartec Auto ID Limited’s (Bartec) latest software update.

Compatible with TECH500SDE, TECH400SDE and TECH300 tools, the TPMS experts have unveiled the R55.0 upgrade – available to all customers who have registered their tools; those that haven’t need to do so quickly to take advantage of the comprehensive sensor coverage.

The software update covers new vehicles and sensors fitted as standard by the car manufacturers as well as programmable or universal sensors.

The family-owned British manufacturer has extended both the number of make, model and year selections of universal sensors for Schrader EZ-sensor (64 new selections), Huf IntelliSens (75 new selections) and Alligator (53 new selections).

To view the full coverage chart, visit with the new sensor coverage updates are up-to-date vehicle relearn processes on the tools and also within the PC management package, TPMS Desktop.

To download the software, users need to log into their own unique member area, locate the update in ‘downloads’ and install it to their computer – or by Wi-Fi, if using the TECH500SDE.

Once installed on their tool, users can simply navigate their way through the user-friendly and simple menu, finding ‘My Tool’ and then ‘Update Tool’.

Then, with the tool plugged into the computer with the USB cable that accompanies the tool kit, the content can be dragged and dropped into the device folder. Once at 100% verification, the tool is fully-updated and ready to tackle winter.

TPMS Software Update

A useful step-by-step guide is available to watch, by visiting

The latest update is another illustration of why Bartec is the global market leader in tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

Managing Director, Colin Webb, said: “Bartec aim to be first to market with our TPMS coverage to ensure cars are not turned away during Winter tyre season and that repairs and vehicle relearns are carried out effectively.”

September 2016 - Professional Motor Mechanic Magazine

Bartec Auto ID Limited Demonstrates TPMS Leadership

Bartec Auto ID Limited Demonstrates TPMS Leadership

British manufacturer Bartec Auto ID Limited holds 80% of the market share of car plant installations in Europe and North America.

A family-owned business, formed in 1992 based in Barnsley, the TPMS experts boasts a 120-person strong worldwide network, with more offices located in Melksham, Coventry, the United States and Germany.

Bartec supplies an award-winning range of products and tools, reflected in its latest financial results as turnover soared to more than £12 million - impressive year-on-year growth of 77%.

Managing Director, Colin Webb, said: “Our presence in the car plants and close relationship with TPMS sensor manufacturers means our aftermarket tools are always up-to-date, and that means our tyre shop customers can do more repairs. As the specialists in TPMS, we offer dedicated training and great customer service to keep our customers one step ahead.”

So what is TPMS?

A vehicle’s electronic system monitors air pressure in tyres through a sensor in the valve. If the tyre is under or over-inflated, a warning is delivered to the driver via a dashboard display or warning light.

Included in the range is the stand-out TECH500, which is the only TPMS scan tool in the world that boasts a combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, inductive charging and keyless ignition testing.

Crucially, the tool can detect and identify sensor faults - possibly due to a failed battery, mechanical damage or even corrosion and can recognise whether that vehicle’s ECU or TPMS receivers are at fault.

The TECH500 communicates directly with TPMS Desktop, which is software designed to help fitters manage tools, communicate with customers and keep a detailed archive of previous work, to download audit data.


An eclectic mix of accessories are also available, including a charging station, fast Bluetooth printer and charging pad.

All of Bartec’s tools work in unison with all original equipment approved sensors.

Technical tip

Due to incidents where sensors have been damaged during the tyre removal process, Bartec recommend fitters to ‘Test Before You Touch’. This is because TPMS sensors resemble standard valve stems and can be pulled and broken off before the TPMS is even revealed.

A potential clash with customers, claiming the sensor was already damaged by the technician even though the warning light was lit, can be avoided if operators stick to this formal yet simple process.

It takes only a matter of minutes and delivers an audit trail which protects against subsequent claims. Additionally, an audit report can also be presented to the customer as evidence before work is agreed and undertaken.

Legislation clearing the way

From November 2014, European Union legislation determined that all new cars must be fitted with TPMS as standard, which was obviously fantastic news for Bartec. It is now proud to support tyre fitters throughout the UK, with gold standard professional training and UK-based telephone customer support.

Business boomed at Bartec USA after similar legislation passed in 2005, gaining vital experience and brand awareness along the way, as it installed car plant systems and over 100,000 tools to aftermarket customers.

Even before the spike in America, Bartec was already making its presence felt in Europe, as it fitted the inaugural TPMS car plant system at Renault in 1998.

Importance of export market

Growth in North America and Europe over the years has seen it scoop various magazine awards, as well as being the recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2005.

Its expertise in the export market is undeniable, being the global market in TPMS, and, aware of the potential shortfalls that may arise as a result of Brexit, the company opened an office in Wolfersheim, near Frankfurt, Germany, in 2015.

The new facility has also proven to be the perfect place to provide professional training and support to customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and other European countries.

August 2016 - Professional Motor Mechanic Magazine

Bartec Ready To Showcase Latest Product At Automechanika Frankfurt 2016

Bartec Ready To Showcase Latest Product At Automechanika Frankfurt 2016

The first of its kind, thanks to its crisp colour display, the Bartec Auto ID Limited (Bartec) TAP100 is ready to make its presence known at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016.

Visitors to the company’s stand – Hall 3.1 Stand F20 – will receive a warm welcome and can experience the integrated hand-held tread depth and pressure tool for themselves. Bartec’s experts will be on-hand to provide a demonstration and answer any questions.

Launched in June 2016 and already fully-approved for MOT by the DVSA, the TAP100 is user-friendly and simple-to-use. The tool will capture the tread and pressure along with tyre condition and tread wear profile for all wheels on the vehicle in only one minute and transfer the data via Bluetooth to the user’s PC. A report can then be printed and shown to customers, illustrating any required repairs and parts.

A slick and fast ‘traffic light’ system on the tool’s interface gives initial feedback, before the report is printed. The display illustrates whether tyres are safe and legal, legal but need to be monitored closely, and tyres that should be replaced – all on a green, amber and red format respectively.

Available in different models for passenger and commercial vehicle tyres, the complete tool kit comprises of the tool, hose, user manual, wireless wall charger, USB cable and tool case.

The Barnsley-based company is excited to be showcasing the dynamic tool at Automechanika Frankfurt.

Managing Director, Colin Webb, said: “The Bartec TAP100 is a crucial piece of equipment; tyre shop customers need proof that they need to change their tyres, and tyre shops want to close the sale. The TAP100 enables the tyre shop to save time, maximise its efficiency, scrap the paperwork, and automatically capture the data whilst maintaining that all important relationship with the customer.

“We’re excited to welcome visitors onto the Bartec stand and showcase the whole product range, including the TAP100.”

TAP100 is ready to make its presence known at Automechanika Frankfurt 2016.

Additional Product Benefits

  • Works with TPMS Desktop software, enabling data management, TPMS information and software updates
  • Built-in lamp to highlight tread wear pattern and damage
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and low-profile for simple access of tyre

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Bartec TPMS Desktop The Perfect Tyre Shop Management Tool

Bartec TPMS Desktop The Perfect Tyre Shop Management Tool

‘The TPMS experts’, Bartec Auto ID (Bartec), has a free software tool available, designed to ensure tyre shop management can keep an audit trail of work carried out on their customers’ cars.

TPMS Desktop can also reference technical guides on vehicles, sensors and tyres, and use the data gathered to improve efficiency and communicate with customers clearly.

It is a time-saving software program, packed with modern yet user-friendly technology.

Compatible with TECH500, TECH300, TAP100 and TPMS PAD, the comprehensive software can be used to review the results of tool tests on the vehicle before any work is carried out – all available for the customer to see for themselves.

For example, diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) on the vehicle when first brought in can identify failed tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) receivers or ECUs, or faults requiring sensor failure before the wheel is broken down.

TPMS Desktop can also display tread and alignment data in a simple colour-coded graphic. This enables the shop manager to establish credibility with the customer and gain their agreement to proceed with tyre replacement, TPMS repairs, use of service kits and limit liability for existing faults.

It can also be used to search for technical information, such as vehicle relearn processes and sensor replacement information: TPMS part numbers, tyre data, service kits, and torques. Vehicle specific information is also accessible.

Excellent customer service

Following repair of the vehicle or replacement of the tyres, the customer can again be shown a post-repair audit report to prove the work has been carried out correctly, establishing confidence and good communication between themselves and the shop manager.

In the event of the customer returning, with questions or a complaint about the work undertaken, the report can easily be referred to on the computer for discussion.

Also, the data captured can be used for a review of that particular shop and repair performance, as well as automate reordering and assist stock control. A standard API is supplied with the product, so that the database can be interfaced to other tyre shop packages.

TPMS Desktop

TPMS Desktop can also be used to download software and coverage updates to the test tools – via Wi-Fi in the case of the TECH500 TPMS tool.

Impressively, TPMS Desktop can also program sensors using the easy-to-use TPMS PAD. Users can connect the device to their PC, using a USB cable, and test sensors, as well copy and create an ID onto a universal sensor – features only available via TPMS Desktop.

Managing Director, Colin Webb, said: “TPMS Desktop is a management tool for professional tyre shops to enable them to raise their efficiency, capture and report on repair information, cover their liability from repairs and communicate better with their customers.

“Most importantly it can also increase sales of tyres, TPMS sensors service kits.”

April 2016 - Multiple Online Automotive Magazines

Bartec TECH500 Proving To Be The All-In-One Tool

Bartec TECH500 Proving To Be The All-In-One Tool

Bartec Auto ID Limited (Bartec) prides itself on being labelled as ‘the TPMS expert’, and the British manufacturer’s most-advanced, all-in-one, tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) tool is proof of that.

The TECH500 is the only TPMS scanning tool in the world that boasts a combination of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, inductive charging and keyless ignition testing.

Impressively, it can detect and diagnose sensor faults – possibly due to a failed battery, mechanical damage or even corrosion – and, notably, can recognise whether that particular vehicle’s ECU or TPMS receivers are at fault.

Inside the well-packed and stylish kit is the tool itself, a rugged OBD cable, Bluetooth dongle, user manual, universal charger and tool case – everything that a technician or tyre fitter requires to complete a professional job.

The user manual is a handy guide for all operators, as it illustrates all button functions and key features, as well as a simple and user-friendly step-by-step guide to how the tool should be used correctly.

Managing Director, Colin Webb, said: “The Bartec TECH500 is our latest award-winning tool, voted for by tyre shops for its ease-of-use, return on investment and feature set.

“Our dedication to providing top-quality customer service and our close relationship with the world’s largest valve and sensor manufacturers means we are in a strong position to deliver the best package possible for our customers.

“These relationships and our leading position of supplying TPMS systems in the car plants enable us to deliver the most up-to-date coverage of cars and sensors on our aftermarket tools. That means more repairs and more revenue for our customers and a high-degree of confidence in our quality. Over 95,000 TPMS tool users in action across North America and 28,000 in Europe are exploiting that advantage.”


Product benefits:

  • TPMS testing and sensor programming in one tool
  • Extensive OBD vehicle coverage, including Asian, GM, Ford and French manufacturers
  • Wi-Fi software updates enable repair of the latest makes and models
  • Diagnostic trouble codes
  • More TPMS information on the tool, including vehicle relearns and sensor/vehicle reports
  • Wireless charging – no cables
  • Works with TPMS Desktop software, enabling data management, TPMS information and software updates
  • Tests passive key entry system

TECH500 Accessories

An eclectic mix of accessories and upgrades are also available, to ensure operators have everything at their disposal to provide the best service possible to their customers, including a charging station, fast Bluetooth printer and charging pad.

February 2016 - Multiple Online Automotive Magazines

Bartec TECH300 Ready To Fix TPMS Faults

Bartec TECH300 Ready To Fix TPMS Faults

Built and designed to withstand the tyre shop environment, Bartec Auto ID Limited’s (Bartec) TECH300 is a professional activation and repair tool that diagnoses tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) faults and enables the vehicle to be repaired

Compatible with all TPMS vehicles, original equipment (OE) sensors and major programmable sensors, it can identify diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), which might signal failed TPMS receivers, ECUs or low TPMS sensor batteries, as well as TPMS sensor faults.

The plug-in OBD module is used to capture DTCs before and after repair. It is also used to program the vehicle’s ECU with new TPMS sensor IDs, wheel position and turn the TPMS warning light off. This is the same process used by the vehicle manufacturers in their car plants.

A wealth of information is available on the tool, including manual relearn processes, vehicle data, TPMS sensor data – part numbers, torques and service kits – test data and tool data.

The process is straightforward for users, as they only have to save the vehicle test data to their PC – either through Bluetooth or USB cable – then print out a report which illustrates the necessary repairs and where the parts are available to their customer.

Operators can look forward to handling a user-friendly tool, with a high-contrast and sunlight-readable display. Comprising of a membrane keypad, with a comfortable click-feel, the TECH300 provides excellent audible and vibration feedback.

The tool is part of a smart kit that also includes a handy user manual, universal charger, Bluetooth dongle, USB cable and tool case.

Managing Director, Colin Webb, said: “The TECH300 is our entry level TPMS tool, but it still has more features than many more expensive tools. Professional tyre shops can carry out their TPMS repairs in the same way that the car manufacturers do, knowing that the tool and software were designed and built in the UK to the very highest standard.”


Product benefits:

  • TPMS testing and sensor programming in one tool
  • Works with TPMS Desktop software, enabling data management, TPMS information and software updates
  • Bluetooth-enabled for data transfer to TPMS Desktop
  • Works well with all OE and major programmable sensors
  • Comprehensive audit reporting

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